Aerial Silks / Vertikaltuch

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Aerial Silks / Vertikaltuch


One of the only artists to do so in the world, Brennan’s aerial silks act is performed blindfolded. This daring act requires immense precision and focus, and your guests will hold their breathe as he dances through the air. His gravity defying drops and impressive strength and balance moves will have guests talking of this one of a kind act for a long time. Brennan can also perform this act without his blindfold, and will be able to customize the act even more to fit your event’s needs.

  • Minimum 500kg/1000lbs Working Load Capacity
  • Minimum 5m/15ft Diameter Ground Space
  • Minimum 3.5m/12ft Height
  • Static and Pulley/Motor Versions Available

Send me a message for full technical specifications.

“America’s Got Talent”

“Skyfall” Aerial Silks

Private Gala Show

Aerial Silks / Vertikaltuch

Brennan Figari mystified the audience with his aerial silks act. In this aerial dance [he] performed jaw-dropping and precise holds with balletic grace, and elegant choreography.

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