Showacts for Events

Acrobatic & Aerial Showacts

 Take a look at my acrobatic and aerial acts below, all combing the atheltic and the artistic. Thinking of something different? Send me a message and let’s start creating something that’s one of a kind!

Aerial Silks

A daring and elegant act performed completely blindfolded!

Flying Pole

This unique and powerful aerial act flies above the rest!

Aerial Hoop

This dynamic and exhilarating act will leave guests mesmerized.


Ground based acrobatic act combing different disciplines.

Aerial Straps

Immense strength and control is required for this impressive act.

Acrobatic Bartending

Serving drinks with style and flair: upside down and airborne!

Custom Creations and Other Acts

Want something truly one of a kind? I can create longer lasting shows with multiple artists and different aerial and acrobatic acts lasting from 10-60 minutes.

still curious?

Past Clients

From large scale arena shows to ultra-luxe private events, I perform for a large variety of event types and locations. My past clients reflect this variety, and my desire to continually grow. I have flown in the air, carrying German mega star Helene Fischer, danced in the dirt with horses in Cavalia, competed to prove my worth on international talent shows, and dazzled executives, royalty, and newlyweds alike in private events. Read on the next page some more about my past clients. Don’t you want to join them in being mesmerized and amazed

Let’s Start Creating

Send me a message using the form or through other social media channels or email to get the conversation started