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Let me help you with that…

What Do I Do?

I provide a large range of solutions for special events, corporate entertainment, and production shows. From casting, to custom showacts, to consulting, I can help for almost everything acrobatic, aerial, and specialty related.

Jumping into the world of acrobatics can be nerve-wracking for the first time. Let me help educate and consult so you have a better understanding of how my world works. And if there’s something I don’t know? I can point you in the right direction so you work with the best!


Let’s create something!

Locations and Events

Trade Shows
Varieties/Dinner Theatre
Large Scale Production Shows
Live Television Events
Corporate Galas

Services and Specialites

Custom Shows (up to 60min)
Aerial and Acrobatic Showacts
1D/2D/3D Performing Flying/Harness Systems
Single/Double Point Harness Dance and Acrobatics
Gymnast/Dancer/Singers/Musician Aerial Training
Unique Apparatus (Sway Poles, Chandelier, etc)

why me?




Seeing inspiration all around, my ideas for acrobatic and aerial choreography cover a full spectrum of emotions, concepts, and characters. From circus artists, to dancers, to high flying celebrities like Helene Fischer, I have created aerial choreography for artists and performers of all types. From our first to our last emails, I provide punctual, informative, and accurate communication.

Some Previous Clients