Brennan Figari is multi-disciplinary circus artist specializing in aerial cerceau and aerial fabric. With over ten years of professional performances, he has captivated and entertained millions world wide.

Growing up in Northern California, Brennan spent his time divided between sports and musical theatre. In high school Brennan discovered the circus arts and with it, the perfect blend of the artistic and athletic.

As a freelance aerialist Brennan has performed for a variety of companies and events. Some of these include America's Got Talent, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Wintergarten Varieté, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Google, Emirates Airlines, Sea World San Diego, and many more.

Most recently Brennan traveled with the equestrian performance company Cavalia, as a soloist in their newest show Odysseo. Involved since its creation, Brennan toured under one of the largest big tops in the world for five years and over 1,000 shows.


For technical requirements and videos of complete acts, please contact Brennan directly, using the form below.


Aerial Hoop

Strong and Dynamic

Dizzying fast spins and jaw-dropping hangs, this is Brennan’s signature act. Filled with strength moves, fluid transitions, and unique sequences, this is an act to be remembered.


Aerial Silks

Powerful and Elegant

Performed blindfolded, this daring act requires immense precision and focus. Combining aerial silk and straps techniques, this act creates a perfect blend between strength and grace.


BD Duo Cerceau

Unique and Dramatic

This duo act combines mutual strength, and flexibility, creating an act that is without comparison.

More information can be found at


Monocle Apparatus

Unique Ground Apparatus

This act is currently in development

A one of a kind apparatus that stands out from the rest. Delivering the elegance and thrill of an aerial cerceau act without the rigging requirements.


Juggling Cube

Energetic Ground Act

This act is currently in development

A large metal cube is juggled effortlessly using speed and timing in this high impact performance. With few technical requirements, this is a very popular act.


Other Acts

A Versatile Performer

In addition to the acts listed, he has also performed solos and duos on: aerial chains, pole, hammock, rope, straps, trapeze. He is also a talented dancer, singer, diver, and horse rider.

Contact for more information.



Live Shows

Wintergarten Variete: Relax! (2016-2017)
Cavalia’s Odysseo (2011-2016)
Norwegian Cruise Lines (2009-2010)
P&O Cruise Lines (2008)
Il Circo (2009)
Cirque de la Mer (2005)


America’s Got Talent
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Ellen Degeneres Show
ABC Family
National Public Radio
Odysseo 3D

Corporate & Events

Emirates Airlines
American Red Cross
Cisco Systems
Sun Microsystems

Workshops & Classes

Brennan has used is expertise in aerial arts and performing to create several special workshops and classes. If you are interested in having Brennan teach one of his unique workshops at your school or studio, please use the contact form below.

Aerial Improv

A unique workshop designed to help you rekindle your creative spark. Lots of laughter and learning in this three hour session! We will focus on new ways to interpret and flow between moves and sequences using a variety of ground and aerial improvisation exercises. Best suited for intermediate and advanced groups of 4-6 people.

Choreography Privates

Target specific problems in your routine, or get over your creative blocks. Gain a better understanding of how to incorporate musicality, speed, and transitions into your routine. Come with an existing routine to improve, or we can work together to create a new one. Available for all students as privates or semi-privates, 1-3 people.

Strength & Conditioning

Feeling like you’ve reached a plateau in your aerial training? This intense one and a half hour workshop focuses on improving strength, correcting bad habits, and learning proper technique. You will learn how to safely and properly push your body to the next level so you can keep improving. Best suited for groups of 4-6 people in the same skill level.

Advanced Skills

Focuses on advanced strength, balance, drops, and spinning maneuvers on aerial hoop and silks. You will learn various progression exercises and techniques to incorporate into your current training regime. With time and discipline these exercises will help you achieve your goals. Best suited for groups of 3-5 people in the same skill level

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